Automated Reference Checks or Phone Screening

Gathering information from referees for candidates is easier by using the Reference Check feature. The system will send emails to the specified referees in the candidate’s application form.

This is a fully automated process sending emails and reminders to the referees in order to collect the information. The collected information can be viewed or printed from the Candidate file. This could save you precious minutes every day.

To learn how to create a Reference Check Special Project, please read Creating and Managing Special Projects.

For how to use the Reference Check feature please click here: How to use Reference Checks.

The system also offers a Reference Check manual approach: Keep a record of all Reference checks and Phone Screens using Phoenix forms – type the comments from the Referee/Candidate into a Phoenix form while on the phone to them.

Form is automatically saved to the candidate’s file.

How: From within a job > Select candidate > select ‘Add Candidate Form’ from the Actions menu > Add a name to the form > Click ‘Add’ > Complete the form > Save

Note: If there is no form to select you will need to create a form first;

How to use Candidate forms: Use candidate forms

How to create a Reference Check/Phone Interview form if there is not one already created: Create Forms

Please contact our Support on Live Chat or call your Account Manager for help if required.

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