Now you can sponsor your jobs in Indeed from Phoenix!

Many employers choose to sponsor jobs on Indeed to maintain top-of-mind placement in search results.

Sponsored Jobs remain prominently displayed and attract up to 5x as many clicks (4). And since you set, adjust, pause, or end your budget at any time – and pay only when candidates click on your job(s) – Sponsored Jobs are an easy, cost-effective way to get your jobs noticed by the right candidates.

It’s easy to sponsor your jobs from within PhoenixHRIS:
1. Post a job in PhoenixHRIS.
2. Click: Share to – Indeed (Sponsor)
3. Select your budget and complete your purchase.
4. If you have a funded Indeed account, your campaign will begin.
5. If you do not have an existing Indeed account, one will be created for you. You will receive an email directing you to input billing information and start your campaign.

That’s it! Need more information on selecting the right budget, or have other questions about sponsoring a job? Visit Indeed’s Employer Help Center.

To learn more about Indeed, visit

(4) Indeed data (worldwide)

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