Integrate your PhoenixHRIS with your Payroll

What is it?

The automated delivery of employee and job data from PhoenixHRIS to your Payroll system without the need for searching and selecting onboarding items and manual uploads.

Benefits of integration

Time savings

Time Saving come from the fact the system automatically selects the required data and items to be sent at a scheduled required by the Payroll department.
This includes all your policies processed by the candidate, all the government forms, the contract, the payroll form and all the other information collected during your recruitment and onboarding process.

Cost savings

Administrative tasks are always a necessary part of the HR/Recruiters job. But there’s no reason to do more of this tedious work than necessary. Therefore, integrating PhoenixHRIS with payroll allows an easy way to move candidates through the pipeline.

Employers can arrange workflows to enhance communication without a proliferation of emails messages or phone calls between people or department while maintaining an amazing experience for the new employee.


Finally, one of the most common problems with having disconnected systems is manual processes. This inevitably leads to errors and delays.
PhoenixHRIS Recruitment-Request to Hire-Onboarding-Payroll Integration allows for a continuous flow of information without rekeying data between systems while delivering data to Payroll on the preferred schedule.

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