PhoenixHRIS online onboarding software will assist you to engage your new employees with a paperless, streamlined and fast process while increasing your new employee on-boarding positive experience


PhoenixHRIS ONBOARD process will help you manage electronic documentation and form management with ease.


Send and receive electronically all your employment forms and documents. Track progress and set up reminders.


Both new employee and managers will receive an alert when new forms are sent and when completed forms are returned.


Phoenix ONBOARD comes with a library of government forms such as tax and superannuation forms plus you can add your own documents, videos and questionnaires.


Cloud based technology totally mobile friendly for both managers & new employees
Create unlimited employment packs to suit different job types
All documents and form content is totally secure and never leaves your system
Manage digitally signed forms, staff handbooks and policy documents
Create and store letters of offer and employment contract templates