Transfer high value candidates OR Remove, purge, archive candidates from main list into a holding area

Do you know that you can keep just the relevant candidates in the Valid list of candidates your are working with?

At any point in time you are able to define an extra folder with the name of your choice. This will help to move candidates out of the main list of candidates in order to make your work more efficient.

You could potentially remove all the time candidates who are not making the next step of your recruitment process. This will facilitate to keep the list relevant and the process efficient.


You can create a sub folder to transfer high value candidates to when processing applications within the job section?

Once you have set up this folder, you can move candidates from the main applicant list to this folder. This folder is not congested by all other applications.

You only need set this folder up once as it becomes available for all jobs.

In order to use the function please talk to your account manager or support to activate it or read the help.

Help Hiring Managers’ decisions by using Voting for Job Applicants

PhoenixHRIS users can cast their vote for job applicants by tagging applicants: YES, MAYBE or NO which can help Hiring Managers decide who to hire for a certain vacancy.

When this function is activated in the user’s role profile (by the System Administrator), the user will see an additional column (Votes) on the job candidate list page. In this voting tab, users will see the detailed results of who voted Yes, Maybe and No and the date they processed the votes.

To learn how to the Voting Feature works – please click here;

Please contact our Support on Live Chat or call your Account Manager for help if required.

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