The acceleration of contactless staff engagement created by COVID-19

We are facing a global health crisis unlike no other as the COVID-19 pandemic affects all sectors of the population. Physical distancing restrictions have imposed a level of disruption to traditional workplace operations and without the option to change, some businesses have faced financial ruin and for others, an overwhelming demand on products and services.


The societal shutdowns enforced by Governments in Australia and around the globe over the past few months to stop the spread of COVID-19 have caused an immense economic shock. Over 10.5 million Australians (68%) report to have had some kind of employment change due to COVID-19 and many have been forced to work from home. Similarly in New Zealand, over 40% of the labor force have been working from home. Across Asia and Europe, COVID-19 has instigated 91% of teams in the Asia Pacific region to implement work from home arrangements, and in Europe, remote working figures are tallying 4 in 10 people operating from their home office since the outbreak.


Not only have there been unprecedented working conditions for 2020, there are a number of important trends which are impacting employers all over the world, and who are going through a digital revolution that’s changing much about the way they do business.


There is acknowledgement that the workplace environment has changed over recent years, but now, it is evident that during these difficult times industries must evolve and adapt to a new normal to ensure their livelihood. COVID-19 has accelerated the possibilities of working contactless and invited an opportunity for organisations to reduce their physical footprint, and decentralise traditional staff structures so that employees can work flexibly and from home.


For the Human Resources industry, it has been hard to predict what the future holds. It would be difficult to remove all face to face contact when engaging with new staff but it is not impossible, particularly when operating during difficult times. Most businesses have online job boards and to some degree, application management, however, post job application processes usually rely on manual processes and face to face contact.


To meet the growing challenges, human resources executives and managers now have to work harder than ever before to stay abreast of the latest developments in the labour market as well as the myriad of ways that the human resources industry as a whole is continuing to evolve. This is where PhoenixHRIS offers you a solution.


In the thick of the first wave of COVID-19, HR managers took stock of the current situation and consulted with PhoenixHRIS, as recruitment and staff engagement teams needed an end to end solution that avoided unnecessary people contact and reduced paper handling and manual processes. Recruiters are willing to adapt to a new working style, and COVID-19 has highlighted that many functions of recruitment and staff engagement can be managed contactless. It has also seen a refresh on paperless processes.


An online human resources management system ensures everyday HR processes are manageable and easy to access regardless of location, at work or at home. Leading organisations need easy to use digital tools so that all of their employees can process staff engagement from anywhere, anytime and from any device. By briefly looking at specific human resources processes and stages, technology can be matched and made available to solve any concerns for achieving contactless staff engagement, such as:


  • Electronic new or replacement staff requisition approval management.
  • Job application and candidate management
  • Video pre-screening and online assessments
  • Electronic Interview booking management
  • On-Boarding and Document management with electronic and digital signatures
  • Online Health and Safety and Induction sessions with validation
  • Full integration with payroll and other HRIS systems


PhoenixHRIS is a supplier in the global marketplace with clients based in Australia, Asia, Europe and New Zealand since 2002. We have a strong focus on new module development using careful selection of products through thorough market analysis. Our priority is to develop products strategically, that are vital in the end to end cycle of new staff engagement.


Over the last 5-7 years PhoenixHRIS has created a suite of software products that remove manual processes out of job requisitions, recruitment and on-boarding. These are now completely online and 100% paperless.


As the adage suggests, ‘time is money’, and therefore finding efficiencies and agility in how HR processes are considered is paramount to business operations during these difficult times.  Whether you work from an office or from home these services provide a complete paperless, contactless and effective strategy, offering:


  • Faster turnaround with electronic processes whereby employees can sign and action forms on mobile devices or from their home office
  • Reduction in printing and postage as well as reducing your company’s carbon footprint.
  • Instant feedback in real time
  • Information easily shared within departments with best practice recordkeeping measures
  • Increased new employee experience: better communication, less red tape, and faster engagement


Document management has seen many advancements as businesses evolve in this current digital revolution. There is now worldwide acceptance of digital and electronic signature use, and International governments have also adopted a more convenient attitude to digital and electronic forms use. To meet the growing demands in our current working environment, PhoenixHRIS adopts best practice and applies rigorous measures to enhance and comply with electronic document usage for HR processing.


In times of physical distancing it has become more important than ever to access technology and tools that connect us other than stand-alone traditional face to face contact. One area of growth and development has been with human resources video screening. However, HR video screening isn’t just a bandaid solution to avoid physical contact during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s future-proofing and offers many benefits.

Through the PhoenixHRIS app, candidates attend an interview which is a one-way video recording, and sent screening questions to answer during the recording. Responses from candidates are just as organic as a regular conversation as they can only see questions they need to answer after recording has begun. More benefits include:


  • Time saved, and therefore company revenue maximised.
  • Video responses can be shared with multiple decision makers with no direct contact between the candidate and panel
  • Responses are recorded and can be reviewed at any time, and therefore interview scribes are not needed.
  • Interviews panel members do not have to run to a schedule, and there is no limit to how many interviews can be recorded in a day. This reduces stringent shortlisting and broadens your company’s candidate pool.


Organisations can continue to grow during this pandemic as they adopt to a new way of doing business. Along with our new normal, recruitment can also continue and from the job seeker point of view PhoenixHRIS have applied a streamlined product for users to search and apply for jobs that is fully inclusive of on-boarding, pre-induction, document management and all other aspects of staff engagement. Job seekers and employers respectively can now reach out quickly and seamlessly connecting the right people with the right job, and that is completely paperless and contact free.


This year has brought many uncertainties and things we can’t control. However, what we can control is how we adapt to our every changing working landscape. PhoenixHRIS is proactive during this precipice of change and ready to consult with you about your contactless staff engagement processes.

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